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New Sony controller patent is rich with opportunities

Sure, Sony's orb-tipped PlayStation Motion Controller has yet to land in our laps, but that doesn't mean the company's not allowed to test the waters of other peripheral designs. Siliconera recently uncovered a series of patent illustrations for a new Sony-developed remote. There's little info about the controller in the patent filing, but based on its shape and the manner in which the dotted hand is holding it, we've come up with a few titles which might implement the device.
  • Buzz: Extreme Buzzer Trivia Challenge
  • Champagne Shake N' Spray
  • Box Cutter: Deluxe Edition
  • Imagine: Pipe Bombz
  • Scene It?!: The Game Where You Pretend to Masturbate
  • Arthur Fonzarelli's Thumbs-Up Training Program
  • Stranglin' Ostriches

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