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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray review roundup


It's pretty hard to miss this week's premiere Blu-ray release, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen may not be as well regarded as the first movie, but the hype train has continued to roll. Still holding out on a possible purchase? A slew of reviews of the Blu-ray edition are available to help you make a choice, so dig in and see what there is. The Dallas Morning News says FX can't turn a bad film into a good one, but were still impressed by the Blu-ray special features, while's reviewer had perfect scores the video, audio and supplements of the IMAX edition, calling it "THE one to own" (reports on also point to a volume difference between editions) Our friends at Cinematical actually preferred the flick at home to the theater experience, citing the thrill of checking out the preparations entailed in making such an explosive movie, plus the ability to pause and take in each set piece individually. DVD Town actually split up review duties between tow people with one on the quality of the flick, and the other on audio, video and extras, finding this flick "the kind of sonic spectacular one can use to impress friends and neighbors who haven't bought into Blu-ray yet."

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