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Audi handing out free Xbox 360 Elites and copies of Forza 3

Yeah, you read that headline correctly: Audi is giving away Xbox 360 Elites and copies of Forza Motorsport 3 to anyone who walks in off the street*. All you have to do is walk in to an Audi retailer**, and then receive your game and console***. Unfortunately, this amazing offer seems to only be in effect with Polish Audi retailers, so unless you've got the cash for what would likely be a pricey plane ticket****, you might just have to go without.

* - and purchases a Audi TT Forza Motorsport 3 vehicle, prices starting at $37,800.
** - and give them $37,800
*** - and car.
**** - and a fairly expensive, Forza-branded coupe

[Via VG247, Image]

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