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Canon PowerShot G11 review roundup


We had an all too brief hands-on with Canon's PowerShot G11 way back in August, but the first real flood of reviews has only just recently started, and now seemed like as good a time as any to get you caught up on some of them. As you might expect, one of the real stand-out features is that swiveling LCD, which is not only good in and of itself, but "one of the best of its type" according to What Digital Camera. Other reviewers like Wired UK and CNET UK also found that G11 delivered some noticeably better results than the previous G10, with it aided especially by the surprising but welcome shift from the old 14.7-megapixel sensor to a new 10-megapixel one that offers an improved dynamic range and better performance at high ISO settings, among other advantages. On the downside, the camera is somewhat bulky, and PhotographyBlog says it fails to live up to Canon's claims of it being the "ultimate compact," especially when you consider some of the similarly-sized (but admittedly pricier) Micro Four Thirds offerings available.

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