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GameFly releases 'GameCenter' iPhone app


GameFly has released its free "GameCenter" iPhone app, allowing customers of the video game rental service to adjust their queue on the go. However, GameFly co-founder Sean Spector wants the app to be used by a much broader audience than just GameFly subscribers. Speaking with Joystiq, the executive told us that the company has put a lot more functionality into the app and the "GameFly" tab is only one part of the program.

The "Games" tab is essentially a database, with specs, controller details (pretty handy), Achievements, Trophies and reviews. The "News" tab, which can be divided to show specific platforms, is currently a feed from the company's recently acquired Shacknews. Spector plans on future app updates featuring community functionality, trailers and more news sources.

Spector tells us that he expects "all the functionality that's in GameFly on the app" in the future. Meaning that users will have access to the full GameFly store and easier queue rearrangement (slide functionality, rather than inputting numbers). For subscribers, the commerce and "Keep It" functionality work just like on the main site, with properly applied discounts and coupons. Spector also noted that those without a GameFly subscription who download the app receive a 15-day free trial.

GameFly seems serious about making the app as useful as possible and is asking for feedback. If there's anything you want to see after trying it out, send the company an email or leave feedback through the app, which can be found under "Settings" tab.

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