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One Boss Leaves: Skadi spears Bjarngrim


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man originals Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

In a relatively close contest inside the Two Bosses Thunderdome, Skadi the Ruthless rained down a whirlwind of destruction upon General Bjarngrim, 56% to 40%. The general's electric charge proved to be all-too temporary, as Skadi's relentless pressure left the crowds roaring in the stands. A roundup of reader opinion yields several narratives worth a read (check out Baldagrim and Chipperbane's mini-sagas on page two of the comments) along with some solid rationales in support of both sides.

bob: Bjarn has no problem on this fight. Between Ironform and Def Stance, he can take Skadi's WW and Poisoned Spear; he doesn't even need to run out of WW. Skadi, on the other hand, has zero defense against Bjarn's WW. Bjarn makes it thru the drake phase fine, as he has lieutenants to heal his party up if they take a little frost cloud damage.

Far too often, despite's attempts to emphasize this to the voters, these polls come down to which fight annoys players more and has nothing to do with the actual comparisons of abilities between bosses. In that kind of poll, Skadi is def the winner, 'cause his air phase is annoyingly long and there is very little room to maneuver away from his WW on that little platform.

Kar On E: Despite all of the adds and everything else in this battle, it truly comes down to Bjarngrim's lieutenants. Bjarngrim will easily take care of the adds but can't launch harpoons at the same time. One of them will have to do it. If they live long enough to send out the harpoons, Bjarngrim makes short work of Skadi. Otherwise, Skadi and dragon overwhelm him.

Personally, I think the adds stay close to Bjarngrim and live long enough to bring Skadi down to earth, where Bjarngrim truly shows why he is the "greatest of his father's sons."

BTW, did I miss something in the Vykrul lore, or do we know who Bjarngrim's father is yet?

Zrob: I'm thinking the answer is Loken or Thorim.

Perhaps the most unusual rationale of the week came from Ret Pally Jill.

RetPallyJil: I'm just going with the boss I like better, but if you want some sort of reason, then ... "If Skadi is tough enough to undergo a sex change, "he's" tough enough to win this fight!"

Stay tuned for the next match of Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season and vote to determine who rocks Wrath's five-man world.

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