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Trine coming to US PSN today; Frozenbyte answers the obvious question


What happened? Frozenbyte has reiterated that Trine will really, for reals be available on PSN today. The PSN puzzle-platformer was supposed to be out in July, before the PC version, but it failed to meet either of those deadlines. So why is it three months late?

Essentially, as Frozenbyte has said, the delay can be attributed to stringent testing for a console release, combined with a long wait for approval of every test -- with just a dash of Sony marketing strategy. Frozenbyte's Joel Kinnunen has described the issue in a lengthy forum post.

"The reason why the US version is so late is a bit of a similar situation as the overall delay," Kinnunen wrote. "We had the US version done around the same time as the European version and I think the publisher submitted it swiftly after hearing the European version was 'ok.'" After that delay, Kinnunen believes, it was Sony's desire to "give the game a good window with regards to other PSN titles/content" that kept it off the US PlayStation Store until today.

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