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Windows Mobile 6.5.1 (or whatever it's called) looking ready for primetime

Chris Ziegler

Even before 6.5 got official, the Windows Mobile community has been toying around with post-RTM leaked builds that really amp up the finger-friendliness -- thing is, no one seems to know what it is, what it's called, when it's coming, who will get it, or how it meshes with the upcoming release of WinMo 7 next year. For now, it's being informally called 6.5.1 -- sounds like a fair name to us -- and new mockups floating around suggest that Microsoft really wants to bridge the gap and make major user experience modifications to 6.5; the pre-7 platform hasn't yet reached the end of the road, apparently. Big buttons at the bottom of the screen look like they should be usable by even the fattest of fingers on a resistive display (and indeed, we've seen various forms of these in leaked builds) and interface elements throughout the OS have been spruced up to finally put the stylus to bed. We'll take it, but we would've been happy to take it in lieu of 6.5, too.

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