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Massively's Fallen Earth trial key giveaway and in-game events

As we mentioned last week, we have quite a treat for you today as part of the Fallen Earth Halloween event. We're happy to present 2,000 trial keys for anyone interested in trying out this indie post-apocalyptic game before forking over the cash. This special trial key is good for 15 days, which will bring you through their entire Days of the Dead Halloween event, as well as our own upcoming in-game events.

To get your trial key, simply visit our giveaway page and follow the posted directions. For more information on our in-game events - including a great developer interview - keep reading below.

If you're a veteran Fallen Earth player, or you're just looking for a big party to attend while using your new free trial key, we have the perfect event for you. Tomorrow, October 24th, at 7pm EDT, meet up with us in-game to party with your fellow clones and some members of the Fallen Earth team. Players will need to head to a special destination outside of Boneclaw, at location 4030331 3269656. In order to find this location, players should type /waypoint and enter the above coordinates in the box to create a waypoint to that location. As an incentive for getting there early, we'll be firing up a special Days of the Dead dance party in cooperation with Post Apoc Radio. DJ Apseth (read: my Fallen Earth alter-ego) will be on the air from 6:00 PM Eastern spinning spooky tunes and giving away some free stuff until the beginning of the developer chat.

As another fun way to bring the developer chat to the community, our questions will come from you! Yes, that's right, we'll be asking 10 questions hand-picked from the comments below to Marie "Aro Sei" Croall, Content Team Lead. So if there's something you really want to know about what the Fallen Earth team is planning for the future, or how the game came to be, be sure to get those questions in before 4:00 PM tomorrow (Saturday, October 24) afternoon and then check out the chat.

As if that weren't enough fun for you, we'll be holding a Massively meet-up and dance party next Wednesday, October 28th at 9pm EDT. This time, Post Apoc Radio will be providing the Halloween jams and we'll have even more in-game items to toss around to lucky attendees. There will be apocalyptic trivia and more, so be sure to show up and get your zombie-killing groove on, Fallen Earth style!

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