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Rumor: Eight minutes of footage of the Xbox's Sky Player


Even though the Sky Player is headed to Xbox 360s in the UK next week (October 27 to be exact), we have yet to see any kind of demonstration of the streaming television service. TechTV101 came across what looks like some footage (after the break), given to the site by an anonymous tipster. However, without any known source and with the ominous disclaimer "This is only representative of what Tuesday's launch could look like" on the site, we're going to call this a rumor just in case.

The demo shows the channel selection displayed not only in the familiar NXE interface, but also in a "guide" format like those used by cable and satellite boxes. Another NXE-type menu allows for choosing TV shows and movies by category. And yes, you are treated to an ad for Batman: The Brave and the Bold, along with other footage of the actual watching TV part in action.

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