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Sneak peek at World of Warcraft comic No. 24

Zach Yonzon

BlizzPlanet reports that Wildstorm has released a preview of the latest World of Warcraft comic which will set the stage for the finale of the current story arc.

The summary of the issue is kind of spoiler-ish for those who haven't read everything yet, so we've posted the full review after the break.

And if you don't want to know such things, don't read! Interesting stuff though...

The penultimate chapter follows Vindicator Maraad and his grandnephew Me'dan (it turns out his mother Garona was half-draenei, who knew?) as they journey back to Azeroth after an unsuccessful attempt to recruit Khadgar to become the a member of the Council of Tirisfal. On the way back, Me'dan hears his sneaky father's voice summoning him to Kharazan. One comic-powered teleport later and Me'dan pops into the Gamesman's Hall (i.e., the chess event) to have a chat with his dad's hologram (or grab free loot), kind of like how Jor-El tells Superman in the Fortress of Solitude about his super-powered fate. Except instead of a benevolent scientist and a strapping last son of Krypton, it's a demon-possessed Mage and a green-skinned multi-class mongrel.

Fans of the comic or players who've been dying to see the chess event immortalized in comic form should pick up this issue which hit the stands last Wednesday. The comic features Medivh, Me'dan, Maraad, and is brought to you by the letter 'm'. Even if you don't like the letter 'm', you'll be sure to appreciate the amazing art of Mike Bowden and Tony Washington and the deft narrative of Walter Simonson.

This issue is sort of like the Cliffs Notes version of Warcraft: The Last Guardian novel by Jeff Grubb, just like this report is a summary of BlizzPlanet's summary, which means the comic has been distilled from a fraction of its original level of awesome. It's kind of like eating just one Skittle. Nobody eats just one Skittle. You gotta taste the rainbow, man. You gotta taste the rainbow.

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