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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

The Engadget Show - 002: Steve Ballmer, Droid, Nook, and new Macs
Do we really need to tell you what this is all about? Steve Ballmer. Windows 7 launch day. Pure magic. Sit back and enjoy a spirited conversation with the CEO of Microsoft -- then stick around to watch Josh, Paul, and Nilay get into it over the week's news!
Dell Adamo XPS specs leak out: ULV processors, integrated graphics
That touch sensitive case latch we've been hearing about? Yeah, it doesn't work without power, so you can't open the machine if your battery is dead. (See also: Dell's Adamo 'crazyhinge' XPS demonstrated on video)
FCC net neutrality rules enter drafting process, face McCain challenge
The great big gears of regulation have finally started turning, and we can look forward to more political wrangling as the rules take shape over the coming months.
Other news of import

Microsoft: 'We have no plans for Blu-ray on Xbox 360'
Ballmer was referring to Blu-ray accessories for the PC and reiterated his focus of bringing instant-on 1080p streaming movies to Xbox 360.

Verizon's Droid is a series, not just a phone; Droid Eris coming from HTC
Droid Eris will be released -- not announced, actually released -- on November 6

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