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Warhammer Online interview about 1.3.2

Eliot Lefebvre

It can be safely said that every Warhammer Online player was absolutely in love with the changes made in patch 1.3.2, for a given value of "every Warhammer Online player" or a very interesting definition of "absolutely in love." Okay, the patch might not have actually been as well-received as all that. There was some controversy, more so than the usual patch day wailing and gnashing of teeth. Love it or hate it, it's hard to claim that the community team is unaware of the fact that they made some large changes and debated choices, which is no doubt part of the reason that Jeff Skalski gave a short interview to regarding the changes.

If you didn't like the changes, of course, it's unlikely that you'll like the general tone of the interview. Skalski outlines the reasons behind each change and why he feels they were the right choices for the game as a whole, even if they weren't all received warmly by the existing player base. He is, however, clearly very aware of the criticism and complaints that have been leveled for each change, and does his best to address them in turn with a calm attitude and a touch of humor. Take a look at the full interview for a bit more about the process and the rationale, even if you're still a little miffed about where your Shadow Warrior starts off these days.

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