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Fernando Paiz talks game updates for Dungeons and Dragons Online

Eliot Lefebvre

Good times seem to be here for Dungeons and Dragons Online -- the game has been enjoying a huge surge in popularity from its new free-to-play model, not to mention making quite a bit of money as a result. The game's executive producer, Fernando Paiz, mentioned the game's surge of popularity in the opening of his recent letter to the game's players, but that was hardly the end of the letter. Most of the letter discusses the upcoming improvements to the game, including the upcoming and aptly-named Update 1 that's scheduled for release on October 28th.

One of the more interesting large-scale bits of information is the differentiation now being made between software updates and simple content additions. the game previously used a "module" numbering system for major patches, but Paiz points out that the changes made to the game have meant that content can be added independent of a full-on game update. Update 1, for example, will coincide with the release of a new adventure pack. It will also feature new options such as Veteran mode (allowing you to create a character starting at Level 4 instead of Level 1) and an Epic difficulty setting, further exploring the strength of the game's instanced dungeons. If you haven't yet tried Dungeons and Dragons Online -- and now that it's free to play, you don't have much of an excuse -- it might be well worth it to take a look at what the game has to offer in the near future.

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