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The Best of Big Download: October 19 - 25


Windows 7 is now out and about, but what will it mean for PC gaming? That was our main theme this week at Big Download. Let's look at the features, downloads and news items from PC gaming for the past seven days:

Exclusive features

  • The launch of Windows 7: On the occasion of Microsoft's launch of its latest OS, we examined if PC gamers should upgrade to Windows 7, gave some advice to Microsoft on how they can help PC gaming with their new OS, and chatted with a number of game developers on their opinons of Windows 7.
  • Lucidity Review: We give our final verdict to LucasArts' recent downloadable puzzle-platformer.
  • Mac Monday: This week's Mac gaming column checks out two games: Bullet Candy Perfect and Avenue Flo.
  • Boot Disk: Our regular look at retro games checks out the classic Dungeon Keeper.
  • Big Ideas: Our look at game themes this week examines why game developers should set more games in modern times.
  • All You Need To Know: Just in time for the game's demo release, we examine all we know at the moment about Left 4 Dead 2.
  • Freeware Friday: Our popular column this week looks at this mix of retro and rogue game in DoomRL
  • Contest: You still have some time to enter our Order of War giveaway contest.



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