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Warhammer Online's grab bag full of masks

Eliot Lefebvre

Warhammer Online has turned once again to the community for their questions, and the result was -- unsurprisingly -- a number of questions about the game's now-live Halloween event, Daemon Moon Rising. That means that the most recent grab bag has slightly fewer questions that are relevant to the game as a whole, but far more that are relevant to the things that every player wants to know at the moment. Namely, how do you get your masks, where do you get them, and what do the masks do?

The downside (for those of us familiar with the setting) is that there will be no Skaven-themed masks this year. On the other hand, nearly everything else in here provides some solid information and a nice confirmation that the only thing recycled from last year's event are some of the masks. The iconic and much-coveted Leather Face Mask can be obtained by winning a Daemonball Rally match, an RvR holiday event similar in execution to football. The question grab bag also offers some teases of the ultimate event reward, which promises to be a notable (if temporary) buff for anyone who takes aim at it. Take a look at what's in the event, and then you might be well-served to log in and take part in the festivities.

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