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Ar Tonelico III trailer overwhelms with epicness


The first two Ar Tonelico games on PlayStation 2 barely took advantage of the power offered by the platform. However, Gust is making the jump to 3D for its upcoming Ar Tonelico III for PS3. This new full-length trailer is surprisingly ambitious, showcasing some stunning Gankutsuou-esque anime cutscenes and some epic 3D landscapes. Sure, these graphics are nowhere near the level of Final Fantasy XIII, but it's a dramatic departure for a series that has looked like high-res GBA games thus far.

Ar Tonelico III is rushing towards an early 2010 release in Japan, but no US release has been announced yet. We're pretty certain this will be picked up, though -- adding to PS3's JRPG wealth for the upcoming year. To see how far the franchise has come, see a trailer for the first game after the break.

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