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Gravity Bear comes out of hibernation


Late last year, Diablo 2 art director and co-founder of Flagship Studios, Phil Shenk, set out to form a new company: Gravity Bear. As CEO, he brought along Hellgate: London senior software engineer Kevin Klemmick to serve as the new studio's technical director. Both men subsequently vanished. Until yesterday, that is, when Shenk updated the Gravity Bear blog with news the dev will make its "first 'official' press announcement in a few days."

The company's first game -- recently tested by "friends and family" according to Shenk's Twitter feed -- will be for "social platforms" (read: Facebook and the like) but its exact nature is unknown. We're hoping for a Diablo-like dungeon crawler announcement "in a few days," but that unfortunately wouldn't really be in keeping with Gravity Bear's cutesy mascot. (Unless said cartoon bear has a thirst for blood ... and you should never underestimate those guys.)

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