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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Netflix coming next month to PlayStation 3
Turns out a disc will be required for streaming, and that's the only solution available until a PS3 software update sometime in late 2010.
Palm Pixi on sale November 15 exclusively at Sprint for $100 on contract
Throw this thing on Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, and you've got a whole new wave of Palm customers; as it stands, who's really buying this with the Pre just $50 away?
Verizon chief says offering the iPhone is Apple's call
Remember how in grade school, you usually made fun of the people you had crushes on?
Other news of import

Ready or not, the latest 3D technology is coming home
Before you knock the new technology before it's even out, read about the technologies that might bring us a real 3D revolution.

Samsung Moment review
Being able to stuff Android, AMOLED, QWERTY, and 800MHz all into one sentence certainly sounds like a winning combination, but does the Moment deliver?

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