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Verizon's BlackBerry Curve 8530 gets reviewed early

Darren Murph

The phone you're peering at above has more names than we'd care to count, but the so-called Aries (or the Gemini's CDMA'd sibling, if you please) may end up on Verizon as one of two things: the BlackBerry Curve 8530 or the BlackBerry Curve 2. The folks over at CrackBerry managed to get their hands on a unit far before this thing has even been officially released, and of course they've given us the rundown just as the Storm2 is stealing all of the attention over at Big Red. The WiFi-equipped handset (yeah, you read that right) was said to be "identical to the Curve 8520" with the exception of the back cover design, meaning that while solid, the device definitely felt "entry-level." The interface was said to be satisfactorily snappy, the optical trackpad was dubbed "really great" and the web browser was still thoroughly worthless. If you really need to hear more, give that read link a look.

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