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Champions Online Blood Moon launch trailer

Kyle Horner

With Blood Moon dropping tomorrow, it should be an exciting day for Champions Online players. Until then, however, you can watch this brand new trailer detailing all the new content available with the patch. We're pretty pleased with everything we saw, especially the level of zombies shuffling about, ready for players to pummel them into zombgoo. Also: Fighting undead reincarnates of classic Champions tabletop heroes and then descending into an evil portal to free their souls looks like a whole heap of fun.

We do have one beef with the content, and that's the location of the Zombie Apocalypse map: Canada. Has anyone over at Cryptic read World War Z? If they had, then it would've been obvious that setting a zombie map in the one place where the creature's lack of blood flow causes them to freeze over incredibly easily is a bad choice -- we're nitpicking here, though.

Check out the video after the break.

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