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Critter Crunch dev working on new zombie game


The Ontario Media Development Corporation has accidentally exposed Zombie Tactics, a new game by Critter Crunch developer Capybara Games. We contacted the developer, who told us that Zombie Tactics is merely the "working title" at the moment. Capy President Nathan Vella tells Joystiq that it's likely way too early to talk about the game, but mentions, "In short, it's a tactics-heavy strategy-meets-survival game that revolves around an ever-growing -- and/or shrinking -- group of characters as they try to escape the city. Right now we haven't even committed to actually making the game – just iterating on a functional prototype to see if the idea has legs. If it does, awesome!"

As for platforms, Vella continued, "We're developing the prototype on consoles, but it's so early on, it's impossible to tell if it will even make it to a platform. As a studio, we're huge fans of PSN, XBLA, iPhone, DS... so really we feel like our concepts could end up one of many places. Ideally though, we'd like to see it as a downloadable game, but it's important to reiterate that, as it stands right now, the game is ridiculously early in the prototyping phase, so Capy isn't sure where, when or even if this will have a platform."

Asked whether the company will still develop for PSN following Critter Crunch's launch, Vella told us Capy still has more in the pipe for PSN. The company would also like to bring Critter Crunch to other platforms, mentioning PC and noting that fans have asked for a PSP Minis version. Anything that stops Biggs from crying is good in our book.

Update: Capy sent over some "very early art" of the game.

[Via Gamerbytes]

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