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Line Rider now lets you torture two riders at once


Despite being released in retail form for PC, Wii and DS as Line Rider 2, the Flash version of the original Line Rider is still being tweaked by developer Sparkworkz to provide the most casual and simply obsessed of players with the optimal "drawing stuff, then dropping a sled on it" experience. The company just released beta 3 of the Flash game, which adds ... a second rider.

Players can now choose the "Dual Rider" mode and set a starting point for a second rider. This opens up the gameplay to synchronized runs, races or, for most of us, watching two riders stop mid-line and topple off the cool ramp we made. Other additions in the new version include camera options and a new line-type that decelerates riders.

Sparkworkz's site also notes that a new Line Rider variant for iPhone, dubbed Line Racer, is on the way, which allows players to draw courses and then, yup, race on them against other players.

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