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Survey says Americans play more games than Europeans


Today's Gamers recently conducted a survey of over 13,000 internet users from the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the United States to see gaming trends across the various nations. According to their findings, a larger percentage of American respondents said they played video games of any kind: 87% of American males said they play games, versus 74% in the UK, 67% in Germany, and 66% in France. Not only are more Americans playing, they're spending much more time with games: the average American male spent 11.5 hours playing each week, versus 6.5 hours in the UK, 5.2 hours in Germany, and 7.1 hours in France. (Female respondents were less likely to game than males, but the ratios remain nearly identical.)

According to the survey, MMO games are vastly more popular in the US than in Europe, with 21% of respondents saying they play games in virtual worlds. In most other surveyed European nations, that rate is halved, at 10 or 11% percent, depending on the country.

While these numbers paint a very optimistic view of gaming as a whole, these results should -- as with all surveys -- be taken with a grain of salt. Considering internet access is a prerequisite for taking the survey, it excludes people most likely not to play video games. Regardless, the full report features a great deal of information ready for you graph-lovers to peruse through.

[Via IndustryGamers]

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