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The App Store unofficially breaks 100,000 approved apps


It's another milestone (unofficially) met, as Apple has passed the 100,000 threshold of approved apps in the App Store, according to App Shopper. If you're unfamiliar with App Shopper, they list all of the apps that are in the store, tracking updates and price changes. As of this writing, they're listing 101,847 apps approved for sale and 93,118 actually available. We imagine Apple will make an announcement when the latter number officially hits 100,000.

Just last month, Apple announced that there were upwards of 85,000 apps available for purchase with sales figures in the billions -- 2 billion apps sold in fact, though there's no word on the mix of paid vs. free.

Despite the (often significant) bumps in the road, the App Store continues to grow at an incredible pace.

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