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AoC patch adds veteran points, new dungeon, plastic surgery

Kyle Horner

The most recent Age of Conan newsletter is out and it features a lot to discuss. The big news is that update 5.6 aka Nights of Lost Souls is fully loaded on the live game servers. With it comes new seasonal content, the Veteran Points system and a brand new dungeon. This is the kind of stuff an aged MMO thrives on, especially the Veteran Points -- but there is a small hitch.

So this Veteran Points system, it's pretty cool. You gain special points the longer you stay subscribed and then use said points to purchase things like basic riding training, free character reset potions, a nice bag to expand your inventory... oh and larger breasts! Mission control? This is palm, we're on course to dock with face. Being fair, male players can also make their arms buffer, but none of it really seems necessary. In fact, it seems a little counter-intuitive towards bringing back reluctant former subscribers, which is exactly what Funcom has been trying to accomplish.

Even still, there is a lot of cool free stuff coming for the game. Just be aware that, well, this is still Age of Conan in spirit and so, yeah, breast enlargements.

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