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Miyamoto a 'big fan' of Star Fox, says series popularity on the decline


For being a Nintendo property, the Star Fox series hasn't performed, well -- it hasn't performed like a Nintendo property. Gaming legend Shigeru Miyamoto recently divulged to MTV Multiplayer that the series has been on the decline since its inception, with steadily declining sales for each new iteration.

But, despite all of that, Miyamoto is still a "big fan" of the series. He says that every time a new entry releases, he's "hoping people will enjoy it as much as I do," but that -- in Japan, at least -- the series' popularity has not met with Nintendo's expectations over its lifespan. It's understandable, really; when a company puts out the best-selling "game" of the last decade, it might find it hard to justify putting out something that isn't guaranteed to create giant piles of cash.

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