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Race changes now allowed in World of Warcraft, cost a pretty penny

The virtual lands of World of Warcraft have played host to a number of strange sights these past few days -- and we're not just talking about the Halloween festivities which have turned once proud heroes into foam-mouthed candy addicts. No, we're talking about the new "Race Change" feature, which has basically turned the game's sociological landscape into the ending of the music video for Michael Jackson's "Black or White." Only ... with, like, Trolls and Orcs and stuff.

For a cool $25, players can change the race (provided that race is in the same faction -- changing that costs extra!), gender, appearance and name of their character. We realize there's a number of people who wouldn't mind freshening up their old avatar, but why not just start a new character for free? Seriously, you haven't sunk that much time into your current level 80 Rogue, have you? Oh, you have? 2,800 hours, you say? That's ... that's actually really depressing. We're depressed by that.

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