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Shadow Culture Minister upset over lack of UK support for video game industry


UK Shadow Culture Minister Ed Vaizey stated today that the Labour party is failing the video game industry and the Conservatives are ready to take up the mantle and show the industry the power of its armed and fully operational support agenda. Vaizey announced that the Conservatives will extend Film Council credits to the industry, recognize that game companies "face specific challenges" in raising capital, support its needs to "succeed and expand in the global economy" and stimulate investment in broadband.

Vaizey quotes research that finds the UK video game sector could shrink 16.5 percent over the next five years, resulting in a potential loss of "£180 million in external investment and nearly 1,700 jobs" – the same words of warning that UK trade association Tiga has been going on about. Vaizey concluded his speech at the London Games Conference saying, "Politicians need to take this industry seriously and promote [it] consistently. ... The industry needs a voice at the national level, and we will explore how best to effect this. There needs to be a renewed focus on the skills you need to continue to grow."

Then he warned the audience that the ability to destroy a planet was insignificant next to the power of the Shadow Lords -- kidding. Ah, good fun, but here's an explanation of the "Shadow Cabinet."

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