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Age of Conan subscription prices slashed, free content added


Listen up folks, because Funcom is willing to do anything to get you to drive away in an Age of Conan TODAY. You want discounted subscriptions? You got 'em. You want a 20-percent discount on three month subscriptions? No problem. How about a 30-percent discount for six months? Done. You want more? How about a 45% discount on a full-year subscription. Funcom is just crazy enough to do it.

But wait, that's not all. Act now and you'll receive a free update that adds three new Halloween quests, offering you the chance to earn a demon pet and a legendary weapon known as the "Unholy Backscratcher." In addition, you'll get access to the new Veteran Points system and a new high-level dungeon. Once again, this is absolutely free to subscribers. And, take it from us, this isn't a deal that Funcom would make for just anybody, but you, you look like someone that knows what they want. So come see Funcom, friend. If they can't make you a deal, they'll start choppin' heads™.

[Via Big Download]

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