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Ask Engadget HD: Is it (still) a good time to buy a TiVo?


The TiVo platform has been around for quite some time -- and has undoubtedly grown quite long in the tooth -- but it's still a great HD DVR, and has attempted to keep things fresh with new features like Netflix streaming, video on-demand access and more. But now, in late 2009 with new challengers to the throne, cable and satellite operators offering their own upgraded boxes and a little thing called Windows 7 Media Center, Nick wants to know if it's still his best option:

"Moving into a new place in a couple of weeks, and while I haven't decided between cable, satellite or FiOS for my TV, I figure part of the decision is how I want to set up my DVR. I've had a regular one from Time Warner for the last few years, but I had a TiVo before that and I'm itching to go back. Media Center seems awfully complicated to set up and I'm not sure what other options there are and which one if the best value, what's your suggestion?"

It's been a while since we took on the soul-wrenching question of the TiVo, and a year later with Series4 boxes hopefully just around the corner it's time to confront the beast once again. Whether you have a TiVo or chose to go in another direction, the date has changed but the question is the same, is this still a great time to buy one?

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