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Australian lobby group calls for re-rating of Modern Warfare 2


Ever since that Modern Warfare 2 scene got out on the internets in all of its airport civilian-shooting "glory," the game has been catching a lot of flak. Despite giving Activision the chance to explain it on this very site, it's just not enough for some -- and in light of that scene, one Aussie group is demanding the game be re-rated.

Lobby group Australian Council on Children and the Media is calling for the second look at the game, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. MW2 currently has a rating of MA 15+ -- the highest available -- though ACCM president Jane Roberts argues that the current rating would still make it accessible to kids under the age of 15. Update: If the game was to be reconsidered and denied a rating (anything considered higher than MA 15+), it would be effectively banned.

"We understand that it's a game but ... we're not far off when you look at the images that you could actually put it on a Channel Nine news report and you'd think maybe that is real," she said. As for the re-rating, odds aren't looking good for Roberts. An Australian Classification Board spokesperson said that the Board could not review its own decisions.

[Via Kotaku]

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