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EA details Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition, same price as normal


EA and DICE revealed today what's to be found with the treasure trove of weaponry in Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Limited Edition retail release. The BFBC2 "while supplies last" edition will contain six special game unlocks -- only four of which are for Bad Company 2 -- and cost the same as the regular retail version.

The four BFBC2 unlocks are:
  • Improved Vehicle Armor - Pretty self explanatory.
  • Supreme Vehicle Firepower - Additional weapon mounts for the driver.
  • Vehicle Motion Sensor - Locate enemy units in proximity to vehicle.
  • Tracer Dart Pistol - Attaches to any vehicle "to track, lock on, and fire rockets onto moving targets even beyond line of sight"
The other two unlocks are for Battlefield 1943 and give soldiers the M1A1 Submachine Gun and the M1911 Pistol, which are both ... you know, guns that go pew-pew. BFBC2 launches March 2 and 5 in North America and Europe, respectively. Meanwhile, poor Battlefield 1943 has been waiting for new maps since July 20, 2009.

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