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Elmo and Nokia join forces, meld kids' books with teleconferencing for Storyplay (video)

Tim Stevens

Whether you love Elmo for his ability to make your kids sit quietly or hate him for his voice that's about two steps away from fingernails on chalkboards, there's no denying his popularity. His latest appearance is in this maple-stained electronic reader from Nokia called Storyplay. In these days of electronic ink and Kindle competitors, Espoo has taken something of a different tact here, designed to help kids and adults read together even when far apart. It has room in the middle for a removable paper book with magnets on each page to identify which is being shown, then on the top are two screens. One is continual footage of that most ticklish of Sesame Street characters, the other a live video stream from a remote parent, grandparent, or other floating head who can read along. The video below shows it all in action and, while the tech is compelling, it's hard to see much of a market outside of parents with a wallet full of platinum frequent flier cards. Then again, we didn't think the Booklet 3G would find success, so this will probably be the best selling thing ever.

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