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New movie-themed Elite bundles for the UK

Save is reporting that a supplement in this week's issue of MCV is advertising two new Xbox 360 Elite bundles. Both bundles are themed around recent movie releases, specifically Star Trek and Transformers 2. The Star Trek bundle comes with an extra controller, a copy of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek stored on a USB drive -- shaped like the Star Fleet logo -- as well as 800 with which to buy "Star Trek PDLC." Let's just hope you don't have to waste those points on Star Trek D-A-C. A Transformers 2 bundle is in the works as well, featuring an extra controller, a copy of the movie on a Bumblebee-shaped USB drive and the Transformers 2 game.

Release date, pricing, and the size of the included hard drive (120GB or "Super Elite" 250GB) are not specified in the ad. However, as MCV is a UK magazine, it's possible these are only destined for that region. We'd be hard-pressed to tell potential buyers which one bundle is the better but, but we will say that only one of them goes where no one has gone before. And the other one is Transformers.

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