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Samsung offering sacks of cash for mobile game ideas

It looks like Samsung is willing to pay as much as $250,000 to development teams or individuals for any mobile game pitches that eventually make it to the recently launched Samsung Application Store. According to Develop Online, Samsung has enlisted the help of mobile developer Handmark to help oversee the upcoming megaton of pitches, prototypes and products, as well as assist developers with production of their ideas for the platform.

Having lost a sizable chunk of the mobile consumer base to Apple, and more specifically the iTunes App Store, Samsung is now reaching into its pockets to ensure the company's slip in market share doesn't turn into a complete mudslide. "This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone, including big brands, mobile developers or any individual with a unique, creative idea to make it a reality," Handmark's senior VP of Global Sales, Chris Barnett said. If you're looking for advice on how not to pitch your idea, we have you covered.

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