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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Nokia vs. Apple: the in-depth analysis
Nokia can't compete against Apple, so obviously it's abusing the hopelessly-broken patent system get a little payback, Espoo-style -- right? Well, wrong.
ICANN set to allow non-Latin characters in domain names, half the world rejoices
Pending approval this Friday, the first new domain names will start coming out in 2010, when we can expect a whole new wave of internet land grabbing.
Nintendo DSi LL goes large in Japan on November 21
DSi XL coming to US and Europe Q1 2010. (See also:
Nintendo profits sink on declining console sales, weak game selection)
Other news of import

Broadcom's new DVR chip could make all our dreams come true
The sad news is that there's no way to know how long we'll have to wait before a DVR is released that'll actually take advantage it.

Best Buy offering DROID pre-orders as of today, automates the mail-in rebate
Best Buy also seems to be the first place to offer pre-orders of the phone, so if you're worried about a sell out or just generally averse to affixing stamps to things, go forth.

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