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This Tekken 6 merchandise is pants


No, really. We're not just using awkward British slang -- Namco Bandai is really offering a series of licensed Tekken 6 underwear, perfect for the man whose underwear isn't threatening enough. The three designs, created in collaboration with an underwear shop called Luscious Tokyo, retail for ¥4,200 ($46) each.

Other, somewhat more sensible Tekken 6 merch includes a line of t-shirts (
¥3,150, or $34), Jin and Lass rings (¥10,500, or $115), and Devil Jin lighters (¥13,650, or $149). It's no Sega console lighter, but it'll still light your Yankee Candles for just the right ambience for a King of Iron Fist tournament.

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[Via Andriasang]

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