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LG's Android-equipped GW620 hits the FCC

Chris Ziegler

By all accounts, the GW620 seems to be a pretty timid first entry into the Android fray for LG -- it's a pretty plain-vanilla set with nary a software customization to be found -- but there's definitely a market for that sort of thing, so it's good to see that they're making nice progress toward retail availability with an FCC filing here. Of course, as with far too many phones, FCC approval has precisely zero bearing on whether it'll actually be offered in the New World; these guys are just dotting their I's and crossing their T's as they prepare for a proper launch in key markets around the globe where travel to the US seems like a possibility. The particular version we've got here is the GW620F variant, rocking quadband GSM / EDGE plus WCDMA Band V which offers up 850MHz 3G. If we had to guess, there's also 2100 in there, which would make it likely bound for Australia. With DROID Fever still in full effect, of course, it could launch in Antarctica and we're not sure the Android community would be paying too much mind.

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