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MSX returns to Virtual Console in Japan with ... Metal Gear!?


There hasn't been an MSX game released on Virtual Console in Japan since July 2008. Konami has decided to start releasing its MSX library on Virtual Console, and as a result (should these games actually come out), the MSX selection will more than triple in November. Which just means it'll go from a whole two games to seven.

One of the MSX classics planned for November? The original Metal Gear! Only available in America as a bonus with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, the debut of Hideo Kojima's verbose series will be on Japan's Virtual Console for 800 points sometime next month.

The full list of planned releases, which doesn't include whatever arcade games Bandai Namco will overcharge for, is after the break.


Super Famicom
  • Romancing Saga
PC Engine
  • Street Fighter II' Champion Edition
Neo Geo
  • Fatal Fury Special (November 4)
  • Chotetsu Brikin'ger
  • Yie Ar Kung Fu 2
  • Space Manbow
  • Metal Gear
  • Road Fighter
  • Penguin Adventure

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