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Codemasters believes in new IP, connecting with consumers


In an interview with, Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens rejected the idea that there is no room for game publishers to tackle new IP during a recession. Concerning the difficulties of launching a new IP, Cousens said that if the industry only does "more of the same," it could stagnate like the movie and music industries. When asked if launching new IP is difficult when market conditions are poor and consumers tend to gravitate toward established franchises -- think Call of Duty -- Cousens said, "I don't buy off on that argument." He elaborated that one of the game industry's "most exciting things" is its ability "to be experimental, to be innovative, to take things into new areas and to make it interesting."

Cousens noted that it's easy to understand why retailers want to give shelf space to familiar titles, but he believes that this practice eventually "wears a bit thin" and that some shelf space must go to new IP. Aside from this, he explained that publishers have to promote awareness of their products through direct marketing. "Shelf space is the equivalent to air play for music," said Cousens, "so you work it by establishing direct-to-consumer links, and then through those links start to create new IP and give them what they want."

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