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Doom Classic released for iPhone and iPod Touch


How many versions of id Software's seminal FPS, Doom, can you possibly buy? At least one more. The developer has released Doom Classic for iPhone and iPod Touch, not to be confused with Doom: Resurrection, the tech demo rail-based shooter released earlier this year.

The title is going for $6.99 [app store link] and includes four episodes: "Knee-deep in the Dead," "Shores of Hell," "Inferno" and "Thy Flesh Consumed." It offers multiple control configurations, at least one of which we've gotten fairly proficient with after an embarrassingly long and death-filled adjustment period. We haven't tried out the four-player local Wifi deathmatch yet, but as for internet play? Based on John Carmack's comments, we'd expect to find that washed up on the shores of Hell.

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