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Konami forecasts 82 percent decline in net income


Konami has revealed its financial forecast for the six months ending September 30, 2009. Comparing profits to the same time last year, the company predicts that net income attributable to Konami corporation would fall 82 percent, from 12 billion yen ($132 million) to 2 billion yen ($24 million). Of course, Konami blames this sharp downturn on a lack of key titles (again), especially in contrast to MGS4 which buoyed much of 2008.

The company is hopeful for a climb into the black this time next year, forecasting net income to be around 16 billion yen ($177 million). Konami doesn't say what it expects to drive this rise in profits, but titles like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and PES 2010 will likely play a part in that. Next year also promises the appearance of a revitalized Castlevania, a portable Metal Gear Solid and -- maybe -- a Rising action star.


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