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EVE Online's CSM candidates debate live on today's Planet Risk radio show

James Egan

A number of EVE Online fans who've needed their podcast fix have been tuning in to Planet Risk in recent months, a great mix of music and commentary from players who spend most of their EVE time exploring the uncharted expanses of wormhole space. Planet Risk is a live show that airs on Split Infinity Radio on Wednesdays; hosts Luminus Aardokay and Quivering Palm make Planet Risk available as a podcast afterwards and we recommend you check it out if you haven't already. Today's show should be interesting as they will host a debate between four candidates for EVE's next Council of Stellar Management, the player-elected body that represents the wishes of the subscribers when dealing with CCP and how EVE Online is evolving.

We mentioned last week that the 4th CSM candidates have been announced but not everyone in the running had their positions on issues fleshed out in time for the CCP announcement. Since that day, more info about the 49 candidates is becoming available (thanks for pointing this out Darth Sith). Today's debate on Planet Risk will have CSM candidates TeaDaze (known to many for his commentary during the Alliance Tournament), Song Li (from the Missions Collide podcast), Helen Highwater and Mike Azariah.

The Planet Risk debate will kick off at 21:00 EVE time (just a short while from now). Although the candidates will be posing questions to one another, EVE players interested in getting involved can fire some questions at the candidates as well. Just join the "SIRADIO" and "CSM Debate" channels in-game to have your questions heard, and of course listen in to Planet Risk on Split Infinity Radio.

[Via EVE Online]

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