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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

HTC's HD2 has landed at Engadget (hands-on)
We're still blown away by the fact that this is a Windows Mobile 6.5 device -- the skinning job that HTC has done here is nothing short of a miracle. (See also: HTC HD2 officially coming to US, out in Europe and Asia today!)
Verizon looking to bump early termination fee to $350 on 'advanced' devices
You know what's worse than showing your Bitter Beer Face to the world after you passed on Apple's iPhone and let AT&T enjoy the spoils? This.
Some more perspective on the DROID and multitouch
If Google was so fearful of patent litigation, we doubt Android 2.0 would have multitouch support built-in.
Other news of import

Forget HDTV and 3D, when is Ultra HDTV / Super Hi-vision coming home?
Of course, if you must be first on the block with it, there's always JVC's $175k DLA-RS4000 available right now.

Imagine that: Bell offers video calling on the cheap
A feature standardized with UMTS and arbitrarily disabled both by T-Mobile and AT&T in the States

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