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WoW Moviewatch: Mellow Halloween


Mellow Halloween is the creation of Downbeat Ink, who says that the video's spontaneous, improvised script is why they called it "mellow."

The video's pretty short, but it's got a couple gags in it. I liked the "creepy mask" joke, though I've always thought all the Hallow's End masks are pretty creepy. There's a short spook at the end, which is probably the main gag of the video.

Similar to other videos, Mellow Halloween probably isn't going to win any awards for a complex, poetic storyline. However, it does get huge points for being a straightforward, fun idea. It's short and bite-sized, which means that its content delivers an efficient punch.

Videos like this remind me of the difference between a "joke" and a "humorous essay." I usually laugh at jokes and enjoy them in their moment. Humorous essays are usually okay, but unless the writer is really good, they rarely get laugh out loud moments. Mellow Halloween is like the joke -- perfect in its moment.

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