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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Dell Adamo XPS coming 'in time for the holidays' for $1799 (unboxing and hands-on video!)
Make no mistake, this is a quintessential aspirational product.
Verizon's DROID ERIS by HTC does Android and keeps it cheap
Starting Friday for $99.99 on contract after a $100 mail-in rebate
(See also: hands-on and unboxing!)
Netflix shipping out PS3 instant streaming discs!
Looks like our friend Jonathan here has a Friday delivery in store for him, while the lazier ones among us hunker down for an XMB software update late next year to let us stream Netflix to the PS3 disc-free.
Other news of import

VUDU brings Pandora, Picasa and Flickr to connected HDTVs, promises more apps soon
And you thought HDTVs were made for watching TV.
iPhone vs DROID multitouch keyboard showdown (video)
For now just know that no amount of hoping, wishing, or booze is going to make the stock keyboard register more than one press at a time. (See also: DROID on sale a little early at Best Buy Mobile)

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