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Verizon's LG Chocolate Touch skips on the BL40 influence

Chris Ziegler

We've suspected it for a while, and now it's 100 percent confirmed: Verizon's latest Chocolate device, the Chocolate Touch, takes absolutely zero influence from the lovely BL40 with which it shares a name. That said, it definitely seems to continue the Chocolate line's music-oriented tradition with an integrated FM radio, dedicated music key, stereo Bluetooth, equalization tech from Dolby Mobile, and a curious "Join the Band" function that lets you add in your own beats to the music with a full on-screen drum kit. It's got a 3.2 megapixel cam, full touch display, and for the impatient among us, the best news might be that it's available today -- yes, today -- for $79.99 on contract after rebate.

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