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Rock Band Weekly: The White Stripes, The Damned, Kasabian


Forget that Jack White finds it "depressing" that kids are learning about music through rhythm games -- there's gold in them thar virtual hills! Next week's Rock Band DLC adds a pack of songs from The White Stripes, with tracks off of three different albums.

We've also added this little guy to Rock Band Weekly: . He indicates tracks that are considered "family-friendly" enough for Lego Rock Band. Such marked songs will be available in LRB's music store, as well as appearing in the regular Rock Band music store. [Thanks to our friend Dustin Burg for the Lego head!]

Check out the update after the break, along with what Rock Band Unplugged players can expect for DLC next week.

Select a platform below to view complete DLC listing:

Xbox 360 / Wii / PS3
Available: November 10 / November 12 (PS3)

The White Stripes Pack 01 (440 / $5.50):
  • "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Icky Thump" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
Individual songs:
  • The Damned - "Smash It Up (Part II)" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • Kasabian - "Club Foot" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
*Track packs not available for purchase on Wii; all tracks sold individually.
Tracks also available in Lego Rock Band Music Store.

Available: November 12
  • No Doubt – "Excuse Me Mr." ($1.99)
  • Dropkick Murphys – "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" ($1.99)

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