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Warhammer Online's free trial becomes endless, caps level at 10

Most MMO players tend to spend significantly more time in their virtual environs than a 10-day free trial could possibly permit -- that's why Mythic Entertainment recently made some drastic changes to its trial program for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. From now on, folks who demo the game for free will have an unlimited amount of time to try it out -- however, their characters can only reach level 10 before they stop accumulating experience.

Sounds like a wise move on Mythic's part to increase interest in the title, but we're worried that it might create a new breed of Warhammer trial players who get treated like second-class citizens by their subscription-paying counterparts. "Keep walking, ten-capper," they'd say without making eye contact, "we don't take kindly to you folks around here."

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